Monday, June 13, 2005

Mubarak's Adventures

Elaph news website talks about a British report which said that during last year, Mubarak has prevented a " palace coup", planned by the first lady, Suzanne Mubarak. According to the report, Suzanne wanted Mubarak to resign after winning the 5th election in the coming September, allowing the ruling party to choose their son, Gamal, as a successor. The writer of this report is a former Israeli Mossad officer called "Uzi Mahnaimi", who quotes Suzanne: "There are many wars, and my husband is away all the time. That is why I sacrificed all my life for my sons". He also predicts that Mubarak is afraid for his son's life if Gamal became president.
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Husni Mubarak

Suzanne Mubarak

Gamal Mubarak

In other news, says that several wooden statues of Mubarak were very recently removed from the streets of Cairo. These statues showed Mubarak waving with his hand, and smiling. Under the statues it said "70 million Egyptians say yes to Mubarak" (Note: the population of Egypt is about 70 million). Aljazeera notes that the statues disappeared about a week before Condoleeza Rice's visit to Egypt, on June 20th. The article included 2 other examples of signs that were posted by Mubarak supporters: "Even the fetus inside its mother's belly says yes to Mubarak". Another one was "Yes to Mubarak, to his son, and to the son of his son", in a bold and presumptuous support to Gamal Mubarak succession of his father, and possibly to Gamal's son as well, many years from now.

An article in Alarabiya shows a photo of one of those things, about 3 meters (9 feet) in height, and has a circle of small bulb lights around Mubaraks head!

The removed statue.

Reading that the statues were removed a week before Rice's visit, suddenly I thought of all the statues and signs of Saddam Hussain and Assad (father and son) in Iraq and Syria, which I have seen in the news. Are we any different in Egypt? I don't think the difference is significant - but they probably removed the statues to make Rice think that we are different.
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