Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Gods of Hypocrisy

Several news websites stated that Samir Ragab, one of the main hypocrites in Egyptian media announced few days ago, that he will no longer continue to be the editor in chief of "Al-Gomhuria" (The Republic), one the main pro-government newspapers in Egypt. Samir Ragab is gone? I can't believe it - I always thought he is the god of hypocrisy. Also, Ibrahim Nafie, editor in chief of "Al-Ahram", the most popular pro-government paper in Egypt, will leave that position as well - according to what he said to his colleagues in a meeting.

Few days ago I came across a post in an Egyptian blog called "From Cairo with Love". This post talks about how Mohamed (the owner of that blog) receives e-mail quotes of Samir Ragab, sent by a friend of his to piss him off? He included one of those quotes in Arabic and English translation. To know exactly what we are talking about when we mention the name "Samir Ragab", here is my translation of that quote for Samir Ragab:

"Every time we see president Mubarak's visits to the sites of goodness, growth, and prosperity... we truly believe that mint water flows only from fountains that flows with freshness, clarity, and purity... He (president Mubarak) feeds those fountains with his mind, heart, thoughts, and faith. He is a leader that is rarely found in these times...

Those who carry the slogan of "Enough" (Kefaya), I tell them: It is enough that your self-hatred is more than your malice against those who are better than you in worthiness, ethics, and knowledge.

People of the “Enough” (Kefaya) slogan: Enough with your stupidness, naivety, and retardation.

Written by: Samir Ragab"

As for Ibrahim Nafie, in 2000, I remember him calling those who demanded recalling the Egyptian ambassador in Israel as short-visioned individuals who know nothing about politics and the importance of having representation in Israel to keep an open line of communication. Of course, when Mubarak recalled the ambassador shortly after, suddenly everything changed, and recalling the ambassador became a wise political act that came exactly in the right time.

Another name that I would like to see it disappear is "Mohammed Abdul-Men'em", who is currently the editor in chief of "Rosa al Yousef", a magazine who was very rebellious until he became its chief. Not once did I see this person appear on TV screens without praising Mubarak and his eternal wisdom. In a recent article, he called the Egyptian opposition "dictatorial", because they did not like it when Larua Bush praised recent political developments in Egypt.

Needless to say, not once did I see any of these three individuals, Samir Ragab, Ibrahim Nafie, and Mohammed Abdul-Men'em, say any thing negative about Mubarak, and unfortunately, these are only 3 individuals in the middle of hundreds or thousands of journalists and media personnel who's main job is to enhance the image of Mubarak and the government in the eyes of the 70 million. Even though I don't expect much change (similar people may take their places and they still have other journalism/media related positions), it gives me great pleasure to hear this news.