Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Halaal Prostitution in Saudi Arabia - Pays Good

I was hoping that my first post would be about Egypt, but here we go. I read in Alarabiya Arabic news site about what they called "summer marriage" in Saudi Arabia. What is that? When a Saudi travels outside the country during the summer months, they marry a Saudi from the opposite sex (usually a traveling man marries a woman), in order to have some "company" during the trip, and when they are back to Saudia, they terminate their marriage. The purpose of this, as some say, is for the man to protect himself from any kind of sexual encounters that they might think of having during their travel. This kind of marriage even received the approval of some Muslim clerics in Saudi Arabia, as it eliminates the need for "adultery" when a Saudi man travels abroad... he won't need to have sex with all the women he sees their, he has his summer wife with him!!

A Saudi Woman.
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Of course, the pay is good. A woman got about $35,000, a BMW car, and a luxurious villa (house), which is within the average capability of Saudi business person (business man, in this case).

Are these people kidding themselves? Why not call things by their real name? What is the difference between this marriage and prostitution? And what prevents a marriage that will last for a week... or a single night... what will you call that?

But of course every thing here needs to be stamped by religious approval... including a sexual relation. Wanna have sex? Get married for the duration of your relationship. When you are done, terminate the marriage and pay what you have to pay. There you go. Halaal prostitution.

Click here to view Alarabiya article (Arabic language).